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EXCELSIOR Financial Editorial – october 2020

Superannuation and the challenges ahead The superannuation industry has faced some immense challenges in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as dealing with the fallout – immediate and long term – of the Government’s announced changes to superannuation settings as...

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EXCELSIOR Financial Editorial – september 2020

The K recovery: A lot of people have tried to predict what kind of recovery the US and global economies will have following the Covid crisis.  We heard of the V shaped recovery which was very unlikely.  Some have talked about a U shaped recovery.  We have even had a...

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EXCELSIOR Financial Editorial – august 2020

Gold rush You have more than likely heard about gold lately, whether in the news, online or via friends. It has now crossed into all-time highs past $1,900 and several analysts have it reaching $2,000 in the not too distant future, possibly by year end. Throughout...

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EXCELSIOR Financial Editorial – july 2020

A V shaped recovery? As recently as yesterday, the White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow announced that the US economy was poised for a V shaped recovery. This narrative is in part what has driven markets upwards and sustained the rally since the March lows of...

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EXCELSIOR Financial Editorial – june 2020

If you are wondering what markets are doing and where they are going you are not the only one. Since the market lows this March, equity markets are on a tear. Record high unemployment? Bullish. Crashing GDP numbers? Bullish. Glimmer of a vaccine? Bullish. End of the...

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Quarterly Market Review & Outlook

We believe that markets will remain choppy and defying to go lower in the short term.  Although there are some concerns we believe there is a lot of overreaction.  There is and will be a lot of noise with negative connotations that will come into the picture and...

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Legalising Your Will

What is Legalisation?Legalisation is needed whether you die in your home country with foreign assets or overseas.Legalisation is the official confirmation that a signature, seal or stamp on a public document is genuine and it’s origin authenicated. This is called an...

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Choosing A Legal Guardian For Your Children – Guardianship

When considering who to appoint as ‘Legal Guardians’ for your children, you will need to consider the following: How do I feel about their values and parenting skills? Are they able to offer a stable family environment? What is the quality of their present...

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